Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Understanding Doctor

Hello friends

This is just a quick post as I am working and I really don't like typing on my iPhone.
I had an appointment this morning to see my doctor who i think is a fantastic bloke, and I shall tell you why!
This is the second time I have seen him since finding out about TSW and Red Skin Syndrome. The first time I saw him was back in February this year, it was to show him my findings on the Internet of my suspected condition. I was expecting him to palm me off with a load of medical facts and the facts I had found had no grounds, but I was a little taken aback when he turned round to me and said
" well Siegs, I can understand the thinking behind it, the steroid creams are not a long term solution. It's not something I have ever had to deal with before or even heard of, so...... you're the boss, you're the one with the knowledge and the know-how, what do you want me to do?"
I was in shock!!
So I started to explain the pain killers, anti-histermines, sleeping tablets etc that other people had been taking to get them through this withdrawal.
" ok , we can do that, it's not a problem. I will just need to keep an eye on the amount you're using... I don't want you turning into an addict!!"
He is such a down to earth bloke!!
He suggested I come back to him nearer the time I was planning on stopping the roids to sort things out.
That nearer the time was today.

"Come in Siegfried, take a seat........what can I do for you today? "
I was worried, had he forgotten?
I explained about coming back to see him regarding the withdrawal and possible prescriptions for pain killers etc. He had remembered thankfully, he had just forgotten the planned date.

It turned out he had done a little research on TSW himself and then explained to me which tablets he was going to give me to help me sleep, which ones for the nerve pain etc etc.
Wow, what am understanding doctor.
Although he was prescribing these tablets to me ready for when it "all kicks off", he did ask me to call him every now and again to let him know how things were going .
" ...just touch base with me Siegs, this is the unknown for both of us. Hopefully it won't be too
bad for you, although i am concerned. What about infections? Better give you a prescription for some anti biotics for that as well while you are here." I thanked him for all his help, and as I was leaving he said that any repeat prescriptions can be done over the phone if I didn't feel like dragging myself to the surgery!

What an understanding doctor!!!!

Hope you are all well?

Love, light and peace



  1. WOW!!!! He sounds amazing!

    Be sure to let Kelly P know because she is compiling a list of doctors for itsan. A lot of people in the UK would love to see this guy. He could be our version of Dr Rap!

    All the best for W day. Wishing you a speedy and pain free withdrawal. X

  2. That is amazing, Siegfried! I am so happy to read about this, it made me smile as we have all had horror stories with doctors scoffing at us or unbelieving. You couldn't ask for a better doc visit!

  3. hello mate .

    its so encouraging to hear your story . looks like you are getting yourself well prepared for the withdrawel process . in a few months from now you will be feeling like a totaly different person . i know through experience that it will be tough but i also know that when you are a few months in you will be able to see a massive difference in your condition . i remember seeing the pics you put on of your hands and thinking how much they looked like my hands , hand twins for sure haha . looking at my hands then and how they are now is like looking at someone elses hands . no splits and the skin is getting smoother by the week . my skin is the best its been for probably 20 years . so when this all starts for you , just try to keep the reasons for doing this in your mind . it will help to think of the rewards it will give in the end . no more smothering creams on , no more itching , no more expensive prescription charges . its like being born again mate . im still getting the odd problem or two but nothing like how bad the last 30 years have been . by christmas you will feel so pleased you did this . so good luck with your withdrawel and dont forget the end results , a life with normal skin .

    keep strong my friend .
    John .

  4. What can i say.....you my friend are a very lucky man! You have the full support of your doctor. Sounds like a young doctor and not too set in his ways. Am i right or wrong.

    Happy Healing. = 0

  5. Hi people

    I have to admit although he has been prescribing me repeats of the "bastard Betnovate" for a while now, it was under instructions of the dermatologist !
    He is an amazing doctor and yes I feel very lucky to have someone on my side and giving me prescriptions for pain killers etc before I even start!!

    Glad to hear you are healing nicely and that your hands are making an improvement, no longer hand twins by the sounds of things. Ha ha!
    Can't wait to get started, fed up of hanging about in limbo!

  6. Hi Sieg, great news, it's the consultation with a doc that most of us can only dream of! The journey will be tough for both of you, but wonderful that he can listen to you - a much underrated skill in the medical profession.
    Interesting what he says about who's responsible for prescribing, when I contacted a London based solicitor about success with legal actions against docs prescribing steroids in general which led to damage, he did say there's always an argument about whether its the GP or hospital based consultant carrying the can. Anyway good luck with all your prep as your skin gets the chance to heal at last.

  7. Awesome news! So close to July 1st now - praying you get through the initial part of the withdrawal OK. Sounds like your doc is there to help! I am 4.5 months in and still bad off (30+ years of use). But I do have more energy and am able to do more than the initial 3 months. We are all here for you during this!

  8. Hi Sieg .

    By all accounts , you are now in the process of full withdrawel mate .I just wanted to say that i hope all is and will go well in your own personal journey against this condition that , if like me , has hampered your life for such a long time . This is the beggining of a new life for you mate , be sure of that . In a few weeks from now and after the initial time period of ceasing the roids, you will start to feel the benifits . I know how tough it will be at first but just hang in there and do what you have to do to make the whole process easier for you .Keep the END RESULT in your mind at all times mate . Good luck to you Sieg and remember that there are loads of us out here to help in any way we can . cheers mate .

  9. Hi Johnboy

    Thanks for thinking of me.
    I received an email to say that you commented on my blog but I cannot see it.
    Also, something has happened to your blog, I can not access it. Everytime I try to view it it reads that I can only view it once I have been invited!!!
    Have you blocked me? Ha ha
    Not sure if its just me or if anyone else is having trouble viewing it?

    My email address is siegfriedkilmer@yahoo.co.uk.
    Hope you are well mate?

  10. hi sieg . dont know what happened with my blog but it should be ok now . i havent been blogging recently cos ive been so busy , hope your ok mate . j .

  11. Siegs, hope you are OK. Noticed you haven't updated for a while and just wondered how you were doing.

    Thinking of you, please let us know how things are going. X

  12. Loren (klines mom) is compiling a list of TSW friendly doctors. Could you PM her on the Itsan forum with your docs details?

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