Wednesday, 18 December 2013

July 8th 2013..............Week 2

Hi again

Week 2 of my TSW saw a few more extreme symptoms. The worst symptom that shocked me, even though i had done extensive research, was the ooze.
It seemed to be in large areas, all over my body, would dry out and turn into a yellow crust......awful!
No matter what i done to help ease the ooze, ie pat dry, moisturise, put tissue paper on it, it would not stop until it was ready to. Bloody annoying.
In this week i found that my sleeping patterns were completely messed up, the ooze and the pain from the dry skin keeping me awake. On average i was probably sleeping around three hours in every 24hours. To say i was exhausted was an understatement, i was mentally drained yet my body would not allow me to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture that TSW thrives on!!!!
Other symptoms in this week included:

  • Red rash spreading all over my body.
  • Skin swollen and angry, particularly around joints and neck making it hard to move around.
  • Skin would dry out almost instantly after a shower, flaky dry.
  • Showers would make my skin worse no matter what the temperature.
  • Glands swollen, especially in armpits and groin.
  • Noticed that legs/feet would swell unless they were elevated.
  • Legs aching
  • Eyes would be stuck shut after sleep, not sure if it was ooze, seemed more like a heavy consistency of sleep/conjunctivitis!
  • Severe lack of energy. 
  • Red sleeve started to creep down my arm from the shoulder.
  • Earache 
  • Skin on knuckles started splitting
  • Skin hot to touch.
  • Shivers and feeling cold, bit like having the flu!
  • Deep insane itching on limbs.
  • Skin coming off by the handful whilst in the shower.
  • Ears oozing from the inside.
  • Body temperature up and down, changing from hour to hour some days.

This 2nd week was a hard time for me even though i knew what to expect!

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Happy Healing Folks

Love, light & peace

Siegfried x


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  1. Hi Seigs
    This all sounds so familiar. Thanks for posting. But... the stuff above is about the tortures of week 2. How the heck are you now its December?
    best wishes